2024 Registration Info


2024 MWGB Registration Info


Important Dates:

Registration/Store/Camping open: 3/15/2024 @ 21:00 ET

Squatters Rights End: 3/22/2024 @ 21:00 ET

Store Closes: 5/12/2024 @ 23:59 ET

Registration Closes: 6/30/24 @ 23:59 ET



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is new with camping and the store this year?

A: This year we made the decision to separate the merchandise store and camping/registration into two different sections. You'll need to visit the store page to purchase any items you'd like to pre-order to pick up at the event. You'll then need to visit the register party/book camping sections to pre-register and book campsites.


Q: What are squatters rights?

A: Squatters rights give returning campers priority registration to keep the same campsite they had the year prior. We give these returning campers one week to pay for their pre-reserved site. After one week, unpaid reserved sites are released back to general inventory to be reserved by anyone.


Q: Help! I missed the end of squatters rights and my site is gone. Can I get it back?

A: Unfortunately no. After the squatters rights period ends and sites are available to be purchased by anyone, we cannot undo someone elses reservation to get your site back.


Q: Do I need to pre-register, purchase items, or buy camping to attend the event?

A: Not at all! Anyone can attend the event even if they did not pre-register or buy a campsite. Pre-registering simply guarantees we have a name card pre-printed for you, as well as a poker run entry card with your name on it if you intend to participate in the poker run. Also, pre-ordering your swag items guarantees you'll get the items you want. We order a very limited amount of swag items to sell on site beyond what is pre-sold, and cannot guarantee availability of any items at the event. (NOTE: We often sell out early.)


Q: The store is closed. Can I still buy things to pick up at the event?

A: No. Once the store is closed we start prepping orders for the event. If you did not pre-order merchandise while the web store was open, you'll have to stop at the event store on site during the event week to pick out any items you'd like to buy. (NOTE: Pre-ordering merchandise is the only way to guarantee you'll get the items you want. We often sell out early at the event.)


Q: I ordered merchandise but cannot make it to the event. How do I get my stuff?

A: After the event, we'll keep any unclaimed orders and contact those that purchased them to collect their items. If you'd like to have your items shipped to you after the event, we'll ask you to cover the shipping cost.


Q: I didn't order a Flamingo Club package online. Can I buy this on site?

A: No. Flamingo Club packages are exclusively sold online through our pre-event store for pickup at the event.


Q: I paid for a campsite, when am I allowed to set up camp at the event?

A: Campsite reservations are good for the entire duration of the event for one flat rate. The event runs from Wednesday July 24, 2024 @ 16:00 (4PM) ET, to Sunday July 28, 2024 @ 12:00 (12PM) ET. You can occupy your campsite for any length of time between those dates.


Q: Can I pay extra to come set up camp early?

A: No. Our agreement with the Fairgrounds and the Health Department is to only have campers on site between Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Outside of a very small group of the organizers who are on site to prepare for the event, anyone else will be asked to leave and return once the gates open on Wednesday 7/24 @ 4PM.



For additional questions and information in real time, please visit our Midwest Geobash Community Group on Facebook.

There, you'll find our 2024 Registration Post with a comment thread answering questions in real time.



The official facebook post is the preferred place to answer quick questions (we have more people available to help). But we can also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we just aren't as quick to respond).