Camping and Venue Policies

Midwest Geobash Is A Private Event

Although all Geocachers, or any person interested in geocaching, are invited to attend MWGB, you understand your attendance at the venue means you are a Guest of Midwest Geobash, Inc. As a guest, you are required to follow our grounds policies and conduct policies. Any Guest found to be in violation of any policy, written or otherwise, may be asked to leave the venue and not return.

Showers and Restrooms

There are showers and restrooms available throughout the venue. These are available for use by all persons attending. Showers are limited in number, we recommend anyone with a personal/portable shower plan on bringing it. If you have special needs or concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the event to discuss.

NOTE:  Due to previous problems with vandalism, Spangler restrooms and showers are closed from 9pm - 10am daily.  If you wish to use these facilities, please plan accordingly.  Other restrooms and showers are available around the event grounds for your use during these hours.

On-Venue Camping

  • Basic sites are approximately 24ft x 30ft, RV sites are approximately 24ft x 60ft

  • Per State Fire Marshall Regulations, ALL CAMPERS MUST HAVE THE TRAILER TONGUE FACING THE ROADWAY. You may not park a towable camper or RV sideways on your campsite. This is enforceable by the fire department during inspection and you may be asked to leave the fairgrounds for noncompliance. 
  • Campsite rentals are for the ENTIRE EVENT, no partial rates. We do not charge per night. You may stay 1 night or all 4 nights for the same price. 

  • Camping is non-refundable.

  • Campsites have shared water and electric, expect to need up to 100ft extension cord and hose.  The use of splitters will allow others to also use power and electric. Please pack one if you have it. 
    water splitter  electric splitter

  • Your site is to the right of the stake! Any paint on the ground is not from our event and does not determine your campsite boundaries. 

  • We have hundreds of sites available for on-venue camping. Reservations ensure your pick of sites, but are not mandatory - you may book at the door if volunteers are on duty.

  • There are also two dumping stations available on-venue, free to use for any registered camper. 

Camping is a lot of fun and highly recommended.  Hundreds of cachers take advantage of camping, resulting in a tent city.  Feeling adventurous?  Book your site in the Area 51 camping!  

Campsite Decorations

Don't forget - if you camp... make sure to participate in our campsite decoration contest.  Prizes and free camping are awarded to the best sites!  We appreciate all attempts to decorate according to theme - it makes a huge difference in the event atmosphere!  If you intend to decorate, you have permission to use any MWGB mascots, logos, etc. in your theme decoration.

Campsite judging is done after dark on Friday and after noon on Saturday.  If you want your site judged in the dark, have it ready before the sun starts setting Friday.

Use of Power / Facilities

You accept all responsibility for use of power and other facilities provided.


You may need an adapter to use a standard 110 plug for your campsite.  The electric boxes offer both 30 amp and 110 service. The local Walmart typically stocks these adaptors, but if you wait until the event starts, they may be sold out. We suggest any campers who intend to use power get one before the event.  Here is a link to one on Amazon: Utility Plug Adapter

Quality of Provided Campsite Data

The campsite information in our database has been compiled by volunteers. We have made a best effort to provide accurate data for guidance purposes only. If your reserved site does not match the data provided - we will do everything we can to accommodate you at the time of your arrival.  The campsite stakes are also placed by volunteers every year, and there is some variation year to year.  We do our best to make the campsites in the same location, but it is possible that sites will move over the years for many reasons. 

Event Staff / Volunteers

You can easily find an event volunteer by looking for the people wearing green lanyards. Staff members will be wearing shirts with STAFF visibly printed on the back. Please give our volunteers and staff the utmost respect and cooperation.

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in begins Wednesday evening at 4pm. Early arrivals will not be permitted to enter the grounds prior to check-in time! Checkout time is no later than 1pm on Sunday. All persons camping, please use the posted entrance to enter the campgrounds. Check in with the camp management volunteers if they are on duty. If it is after hours (before 10am, after 7pm) or no event volunteers are on duty, find your site using the site ID and set up. Please remember - Your site is to the right of the stake. If you are unsure, please find an event volunteer prior to setting up.  Anyone who sets up in the incorrect site will be asked to relocate. 


Camping must be paid at the time of booking.  You may buy camping at the door, but you must arrive when a volunteer is on duty.  There is a limit of 6 persons camping in a site and all site infrastructure (tents, trailers, etc) must fit within the boundaries of the site. If your setup exceeds the space available, you may be asked to reserve an additional site(s) to accommodate a larger setup. Sharing sites between parties is permitted within the 6 person per site limit.

Fulton County Health Department Updates

Within the same campsite multiple tents and/or RVs must be at least 5 feet apart
Between adjacent campsites tents and/or RVs must be at least 15 feet apart (from your neighbor's tent/RV)
Maximum units within a campsite: One RV and Two Tents, OR Three Tents
The Health Department does perform an inspection during the event, and violators may be asked to move or could be fined.

Non Payment

Payment for pre-pay camping is your sole responsibility. Reservations made online will be automatically cancelled if payment is not completed within 48 hours of reserving your site(s).

No Refunds

Refunds shall not be issued nor credits offered for partial use or non-use of camping spaces reserved and paid for.  You are welcome to offer the site to another camper and/or sell it at your discretion if you are unable to attend.


Campfires are permitted within your campsite (no fires permitted in Camping Section M).  Campfires need to be contained (fire-ring, make a rock circle, barricade with extra firewood) and should not be built under or near flammable items like trees, posts, or power lines.  We do not provide fire rings. You should plan accordingly by bringing a safe fire ring, cinder blocks to construct a ring, etc.  Campsite fires should be "cooking fire" sized fires - i.e. please do not build a "bonfire" in your campsite.  Event staff may ask you to move or extinguish your fire if determined to be hazardous (use your best judgment and there should be no issues).  Firewood may be purchased from the firewood guy as he drives around.


You can park cars at your campsite, though they may not block the roads or encroach onto other camper’s sites. Additional parking is available on the grounds, check the map online or the map on your brochure when you arrive.

Showers and Restrooms

There are showers and restrooms available throughout the venue. These are available for use by all persons attending. Showers are limited in number, we recommend anyone with a personal/portable shower plan on bringing it. If you have special needs or concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the event to discuss.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol will be permitted in your personal campsite in a manner that does not impact the enjoyment of your neighbors' sites and in Area 51 only. We request that campers and attendees respect this request to ensure the event remains family-friendly. Please be responsible and do not drive after drinking. If you need to stay the night, please speak with one of our event staff about finding accommodations.

Guests under the age of 21 are not permitted in/around the tent at Area 51. Any guest found willfully violating this policy will be asked to leave the area and possibly the event.

Parents should accompany minor children at all times at Area 51.

Any children of event guests may be asked to leave Area 51 if unaccompanied.

Visiting Hours

24 hours a day!


Pets are most welcome. Please keep them on a leash while on the fairgrounds, and please be sure to clean up after them. Dogs can visit the Puppy Pub to relax in the shade and cool off with their owners. 

Quiet Hours

In the general camping areas, quiet hours are 10pm-7am daily. Please be courteous of others if you are moving through the camping areas after hours. 
Music, talking, and general rambunctiousness is welcome 24 hours a day in Area 51.


Please call 911 immediately and notify event staff in the event of an emergency.

ATV and Golf Carts

ATV use will NOT be permitted by attendees at the event ground. Golf Carts are considered vehicles, and are limited to use on main vehicle roadways. Golf carts are not permitted in pedestrian only areas.

No motorized traffic, with the exception of official staff golf carts, is allowed in the area in front of Spangler Arena or inside any building. This is a pedestrian friendly area.   Please use the road behind Spangler to move around the fairgrounds. 

Misc. Items

Attendees are responsible for any damage they, or their guests, inflict upon the property of the event venue.
Illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, slingshots, bows and arrows and other propellant devices are not permitted on the event grounds.

Please make sure your area is clean and clear of trash. Use provided receptacles to deposit full trash bags.

We (that's everyone) are responsible for cleaning restrooms and emptying full trash barrels during the event.  Please keep the facilities clean and if you can help with a full barrel, they need to be run to a dumpster.  If a restroom is in need of supplies, find a volunteer and we'll re-stock toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

Please remember to CITO as you walk around the grounds.

The speed limit is 10mph on the event grounds.

Conduct Policy

You agree to conduct yourself in a respectful and family-friendly manner at all times during the event. You agree to adhere to these policies. The event organizers may request that you leave if it is determined that your conduct is detrimental to others' enjoyment of the event. Under this condition, you agree that you will leave immediately and willfully if requested to do so. Failure to vacate the premises willfully upon request will result in the involvement of local law enforcement.