Welcome To Bash Primer


So you've taken a train, plane or automobile and your GPS tells you that you're less than a mile from the Fulton County Fairgrounds and Midwest Geobash!  You feel that familiar excitement as you approach the venue.  What will you find when you arrive?

Come in through the main entrance gate - leave this way too.  To simplify traffic control, we consolidate all the ins and outs for Bash to one gate.  Even if you find a shortcut, we respectfully ask you to use only the main gate.  As you arrive, you should see signs directing you to the main gate.  But if not - the coordinates are N 41 35.726 W 84 08.964.

If you arrive at a decent hour, say... 10am - 7pm(ish). You will probably be greeted at the main gate by our volunteers.  They will have some swag for you, a hang tag to put on your rear view mirror, and can help you find parking and camping.  Remember, there is no entry fee. We staff the main gate with volunteers, and we do not staff it 24 hours a day.  If you arrive and no one is on duty, you should be able to find your way around easily.  Every year someone shows up at 2 am and is angry we're not waiting for them ;)  If you plan on arriving after 7pm, please plan on being self sufficient until morning.

If you arrive "after hours" you will likely be on your own.  There should be a "take one" container with the event program in it.  The program has a map for your reference.  You might be able to find a volunteer (they wear green lanyards) to help you find your campsite or parking.  But really - parking is easy.  Follow the signs, park behind Spangler Arena.  Camping is pretty easy too, just follow the signs and then find your site.   Remember - find the stake with your campsite number and then set up to the right of the stake.

Once comfortably inside the fairgrounds, set up, say hi to friends and then check the schedule.  There are plenty of scheduled activities, but also a lot of cache outings, gatherings, even cooking competitions that are organized by groups of friends and you may only hear about through word of mouth.  If this is your first visit, say hello to anyone!  No one bites, but if you're worried - find someone with a green lanyard to say hello to first.  We screened them for biting behavior and we're (pretty) sure they are rabies free.

There is no "registration table" at MWGB. So if you're looking - it'll take you longer than that 5/5.  If you arrive while the welcome center is staffed, you will get all the info and items you need for your stay at MWGB.  If you arrived after hours, grab a program from the "take one" container but stop by again the next day while the front gate is manned with volunteers and get your free goodies and vehicle hang-tag.  Or just stop on your way back from doing some caching, etc.  Once you have arrived, you're checked in.  No lines to stand in.

Beeline for the store. You must pick up your will-call items by 2pm Saturday or they will be made available for anyone to purchase.  Remember, with a note, you can have a friend pick it up for you.  If you did not pre-order stuff and are interested in getting some, we only order a little more than we need for will call items to sell at the event.   Check the program for store hours, it's north of the Spangler Arena.

Useful waypoints for MWGB.  We're going to try to get these on the event page so they come down as GPX but in case we don't, here are some waypoints.  You should be able to find all this easily from the event map, but if you like - plug them into your GPS unit:

  • Spangler Arena (which has it's own bathrooms and showers)
    N 41 35.697, W 84 09.116
  • Event Store
    N 41 35.776 W 84 09.172
  • Info Center  (Fulton County Show Arena)
    N 41 35.724, W 84 09.140
  • Main Entrance
    N 41 35.718, W 84 08.945
  • Area 51
    N 41 35.957, W 084 09.009
  • Day Parking Area
    N 41 35.642, W 84 09.118
  • Food Area
    N 41 35.721, W 84 09.117
  • Treasure Hunt (Horse Show Arena)
    N 41 35.970, W 84 09.202
  • Dump Station
    N 41 35.685, W 84 09.225
  • Bathrooms marked with showers:
    N 41 35.776, W 84 09.191
    N 41 35.879, W 84 09.154
  • Main Camping Check-in
    N 41 35.651, W 84 09.214