Poker Run Overview

Each year MWGB features a Poker Run on Friday (consult schedule for start location/times).  This is an activity designed to get you out into the community to explore the surrounding areas and have some fun.  

We allow 5 hours to complete the run.  If you did the route start to finish, it would take about 1.5 hours (give or take, based on the stop locations for the current year) to visit all the stops, but the 5 hour slot gives you plenty of time to enjoy each stop, grab some lunch with friends, and do some caching between stops.  

The Poker Run Kick Off Event starts at 9 am in Spangler Arena. Pick up your Poker Run entry card, and listen to all the rules.

Pre-printed poker run cards for those that pre-registered will be available Wednesday night at the Kickoff event and all day Thursday at the info center. Please pick up your cards prior to Friday to minimize wait times for your card.

A 10 stage Poker Run adventure lab will be live at 10:00 am in the Geocaching Adventure Lab app. This adventure lab will include all 7 poker run stops + 3 stops that are lab stages only. 

A list of the 7 poker run stops will be available at 10:00 am on the projector screen. Use your phone to capture a photo.

One entry card per player, 18 years of age and older, and must be present to receive the card.  

Once you have your entry card, you can head to the Event Store nearby to collect your first "poker card".  Poker Cards are in the form of a barcoded sticker. This will acclimate you as to what you are looking for at each stop and how to affix it to your entry card.

You can drop off your entry card beginning at 2 pm in Spangler Arena, with last acceptance at 3 pm.  We will play the results of the poker run live on a large overhead projector.  You should clear the drop-off area and move into the center area with tables and chairs to watch the results.  This leaves the drop-off area open for players who are returning.

The results are played back live and finish by about 4 pm (give or take - it can depend on the number of entries and any technical difficulties).  The results are announced at the end of playback and you must be present to win.  So stick around!  

As results are played back live, you can see hands being evaluated and when top ranked hands are unseated by better hands.  Enjoy the excitement of the results, hang out with friends and visit the vendors while the results unfold live.

The Rules

  • Take only 1 sticker at each stop! 
  • 1 entry per person. 
  • Must be 18 or older. 
  • Submit entries by 3pm at Spangler Arena - NO LATE ENTRIES  
  • You must be present at the end of the results to win. 
  • Drive safely it’s not a race.  You can visit stops in any order.  Don’t speed or drive recklessly.  It takes ~1.5 hrs to visit all stops. 
  • Time of submission does not play a part in the prizes. 
  • Don’t overwhelm stops, these small businesses volunteered to host us – please don’t crowd 100 people into their storefront or parking lot… if it looks packed – go find a nearby cache & come back. 
  • Ties & disputes will be decided by MWGB Planning Committee Members (the judges).

Example Entry Card:


Playback Screen