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The Midwest Geobash Kids Club was created in 2022 as a way to provide new fun and exciting opportunities for all of the kids at MWGB each year. The idea came from a lot of feedback from our event attendees on our annual post event surveys.


Here's all the details on the Kids Club.


Each year, we're planning to sell a special MWGB Kids Club package in our pre-registration store. The package includes a kids t-shirt, a trackable tag (trackable on, and an event activity book passport. The proceeds from these package sales are being used each year to purchase prizes ONLY FOR KIDS CLUB DRAWINGS. So by purchasing a kids club package, you're helping us get cool prizes for all our youngest catchers to enjoy.


In the kids activity book passport, kids will be able to complete small tasks throughout the weekend to earn stamps. Participants will earn prize tickets for each task completed (or partial progress in some cases). Prize tickets will be placed into the big prize drawing to be drawn at the closing ceremony on Saturday at MWGB. In addition to entries in the big prize drawing, participants will have other opportunities to win prizes as they complete tasks.





Q - Will my child be able to participate in Kids activities without purchasing a kids club package?


A - There will be some activities available for anyone to participate in. And some activities will be limited to those with kids club packages only. Anyone may pick up a kids club card at the info center during the event weekend to participate in the open activities.




Q - What kind of prizes will be available for the kids?


A - We'll have all sorts of fun stuff kids enjoy for the big drawing. Tablets, headphones, gift cards, backpacks, etc. Smaller prizes will be available throughout the weekend as well for completing various activities.




Q - What kind of activities will the kids be doing?


A - There will be various activities involving geocaches on the fairgrounds, scavenger hunts, fun things to do during the poker run, etc.




Q - Will parental supervision be needed while kids complete activities?


A - Yes. These activities are designed to be completed with the help of a parent/guardian throughout the weekend alongside activities for the grown ups. These activities are specifically designed to not require special trips out of your way and are designed to go hand-in-hand with activities for grown up cachers as well. There is no babysitting that comes along with any of this. :)




Q - What if I have additional questions?


A - If you have questions before the event, ask them on our Facebook community group here:

or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you have questions at the event, stop by our info center for assistance

(see event map on site for location)