Updates For 2017

By and large, we try to keep things at Bash familiar and affordable.  This year we've made some key changes you should be aware of, especially if you're a long time repeat attendee.  Here's the rundown.

Event Store Moved!

We are using a different building for the Event Store this year.  It is just North of the old stores, but is set up better for a store.

Neck Wallet Changes - Neck Wallets Available For Purchase, Lanyards Given For Free To Those Who Pre-Register

In the past we gave everyone coming through the gate a free neck wallet with Pathtag attached.  As you can imagine, giving away over 2000 of these a year has been quite expensive.  This year we have changed this policy:

  • Neck Wallets as we've had in the past are now part of our Full Package of swag, and also available Ala Carte from our pre-event swag store.  We will have a very limited stock of Neck Wallets for sale at the event, but swag usually sells out by Friday afternoon.  If you want to have one of the nice neck wallets with the official tag on it, please ensure you pre-order it during registration.  You will pick up your Neck Wallet with the rest of your swag at Will Call and then pick up your pre-printed name tag insert.  If you are not familiar with what we mean by "neck wallet" it is the very nice sewn cloth lanyard with the zipper pockets we have provided in the past.  Below is an example from a past Midwest Geobash that is representative of what pre-purchase will get you (but obviously updated for the current event year).  It's really nice, very handy to keep things in as you walk around, and comes with a special Pathtag attached.
  • If you do not pre-order a Neck Wallet, but pre-register your party, each member of that party will receive the new event lanyard.  It will look something like the picture below.  It is a printed strap (design TBD) with two clips.  Your pre-printed name badge will be in a plastic insert that clips to the lanyard so you can wear your name badge around your neck.  
  • If you do not pre-register, a limited number of event lanyards will be available at no charge while supplies last.  We strongly encourage you to pre-register to enjoy the free lanyard and pre-printed nametag.

Camping Update - Small Price Increase

Everyone would agree our camping fees are extremely reasonable.  Over the years, our cost to provide camping has nudged up a bit but we've kept the fees flat.  This year we have raised camping $5 per site to provide budget for some of the additional infrastructure costs we have taken on over the years (additional porta johns, cleanings of the bathrooms and the porta johns, cost of electricity, garbage removal, etc.).  It's still extremely reasonable at $35 per main camping and $55 per RV site for the entire weekend.  It's a change so we do not want our loyal Repeat Offenders to be surprised by it.  This increase is effective 2017 event year and is incorporated into the pricing even for squatters.  If you are renewing your campsite via squatter's rights you will be charged the updated fee.

Pre-Event Discounts On Swag

This year we are offering a 10% discount off regular pricing during our "Early Bird" registration period (the month registration opens, example: if registration opens April 10 - Early Bird is the remainder of April).  This is a change from the 20% discount we offered before.  We try to keep our swag pricing very reasonable in general, and giving up 20% was becoming a budget challenge.  We value those who order early, so we have maintained the Early Bird discount, but we have eliminated the ongoing 10% for ordering swag for will-call pickup.  After the early bird discount swag pricing returns to regular pricing.  Pre-ordering swag before the deadline is the only way to be assured you will get what you want.  We order enough swag for the people who pre-order to pick up at will call and then a very small surplus for sale at the event.  If you are a regular attendee - you know we mean it!  If you do not order swag for will-call pickup at the event, you may find it hard to get what you want when you arrive.  

Volunteer Signup

As usual, we have a tremendous need for volunteers throughout the weekend.  We hope, as in the past, attendees will be generous with their time and sign up to help make Midwest Geobash what it is - one of the most fun and well run Mega events in the world!  If you have volunteered in the past, you will see we are using a new tool this year that will allow you to sign up for specific shifts at specific places and times.  This is a tool to help us streamline volunteer management and give you some more insight and control over the shifts you may sign up for.  This year Laura Elliott (Lady Lights) has moved into an advisory role to the planning board for volunteers and Brian (Grand Potentate of A51 North) will take the lead in coordinating volunteers.  We haven't launched volunteer signup yet, but keep an eye open for more info on where to find the tool and sign up.